Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October 10th Filming

Day 1

This was our day for shooting the narrative part in cafe Nero for our music video. We planned to shoot a scene where keke's friends meet up with her to talk to her about her and her boyfriend as she is upset in this scene. We decided to do medium close ups of all three us talking together to represent friendship within the group. We then shot close ups of each character (Catherine, Katie & Rhian) showing their facial expressions and feelings towards KeKe (Catherine).

Overall the filming went well we decided however it didn't come without its problems. Even though we had emailed quite a few cafe's we were still unable to film when approaching them as they needed permission from head office for us to be able to film on their premises. We then tried cafe Nero in the town center near the market center and they let us film in their premises under the conditions that we do not disturb and have respect for the other customers.

We were filming for 2 hours which we planned as we knew the upstairs part of the cafe shut at 6pm so we made sure that we were going to fit all the footage into this day as we may not have another opportunity to film here again.

The color scheme of  the cafe was perfect as they have dark brown leather chairs that suggest wealth and upmarket dining. Also have more sophisticated images in the background of places rather than your general cafe images of a coffee mug or machine.

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