Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October 11th Fimling

Day 2

Today we decided to film footage near the river in Chesterton as it had good natural sunlight and was not busy with people creating a feeling of loneliness for keke (Catherine). Rhian filmed close ups of Catherine in different locations showing a lot of movement in the video as we decided we wanted quite a few different locations so it wasn't fully based on the studio part of our music video. Hearing feedback from Catherine and Rhian i believe that it went very well as the natural lighting was a good affect to the footage filmed and was peaceful.

This evening of filming was also for a narrative part of our music video. Today we filmed the sleepover part of the narrative where its more relaxed because of where we are and our costume choices. We stuck with our brown and beige color scheme that we had in the cafe and bought it into the living room also. in the room we had dark brown leather sofa for our seating area, we had a wooden table in the center of the room matching the one in the cafe. we also had white candles and flower petals on the table to give it more of a welcoming image towards the audience.

We faced quite a big problem towards the end of the end of the evening when filming this part of our footage as our battery was very low so we had to know exactly what we were going to film and work around the amount of filming time we had left.

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