Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Album cover

 I really like the Leona Lewis album cover as its simple yet stands out because of the way she looks. it has a color theme of brown because of her hair, eyes and makeup all fitting together. Having her making eye contact directly at the camera makes a stronger image rather than having her turning away. Also, not having her smiling or looking too sad shows to the audience what type of music it's going to be and attracting a certain target audience. The text is also quite simple, basic Ariel text all in capitals, simple but still stand out above the image.

This Duffy album cover is very different from the first one. Its in black and white creating an older and vintage look to the cover. Her clothing seems to be black and white also, having the white stripe on the jacket makes Duffy stand out more from the landscape behind. The text uses two different fonts, the artists name looks like its been signed by her and the bock writing fir the name of her single.

I really like this Album Cover as there is a good color scheme and strong photograph. The dark purple and brown fits well together, the writing in the purple matches with Demi Lovato's lipstick and hair. the accessories of rings on her hands stand out and creates a more feminine touch.

This album cover really stands out as everything is defined and in place. Her hair covering one eye having a perfect curve position and not one hair out of place. how the text covers this part of the hair i think creates a good affect and looks different from other album covers.

This Ellie Golding Album cover fits in with the theme of the name of the album 'Lights.' The way the writing has been edited to look like there lights lighting up in the letters and how it carry's on up towards the image of Ellie Golding with some of her hair glittering gold, also the same.

Most of these Album covers are close ups just showing the Artist face which i think we would want to do for our Digipack cover. Then it shows that it's purely just about the single artist and the way its show showing off their facial expression.

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