Friday, 18 November 2011

Initial Ideas

Before we had started to do any filming of our music video we made sure we had a thorough plan of the narrative and theme in which we wanted to convey through our music video. The narrative, costumes/hair and make-up, and location didn't differ from what we had initially planned to use for our video.
Our story boards are not exactly the same as the outcome of our video as we knew that we had planned to use quite a lot of shots, so not all of these were drawn up; however the locations on our story boards are all the same as the locations that we used in our final video.

Once we had uploaded all of our footage and were in the process of editing, we knew that we had more than enough footage and were happy with what we had, so we didn't feel as though we needed to spare some time to film extra footage. When we eventually finished editing our music video together and polished everything off, we decided that we would go out for 10 minutes and couple of more shots. This didn't take long as we knew exactly what we wanted as we had planned to put this clip in from the start.

One thing that we drastically changed about our music video from what we had originally planned to do, was the use of slow motion. Instead of adding the effect of slow motion for the whole of our music video, we decided that we would only make use of slow motion on the very last shot of the video.

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