Monday, 7 November 2011

Research on Special Effects

Nowadays probably more music videos feature CGI and special effects than don`t.  Visual Effects and 3d animation are a great way to create a stunning and original look for your promo, and because CGI allows you to do more than ever before – even if your budget is measured in thousands rather than tens of thousands of pounds– the opportunities for using post production effects in your music video promos are greater than they`ve ever been.

One of the reasons for this is that video effects artists and animators tend to see music videos as a way to try out new visual effects ideas and techniques that they don`t usually get the chance to use in more tightly controlled, and higher budget video productions for TV and film.  They get to be more creative, and can often suggest their own ideas of how to use new cutting edge FX techniques that even film producers aren`t yet aware of.  If you`re prepared to be flexible, then you can often get a good deal on some really impressive visual effects.

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