Monday, 7 November 2011

Analysis of students work


I really like this location as its completely different from other videos that i have been watching. Its more eye catching with the grafitti and run down look aout teh place. It creates a sense of loneliness in the video which suggests that this is the couple acting in the video. It seems abandoned and away from teh main of the city, showing taht teh locationwas thought about well and the shots are purely based on each chracter and their surroundings.And it also looks like a real music videos choice of location.


I thought overall teh costumes were good as they fitted in with the mood of the song. They were not over the top like they are in more up beat songs, they were simple yet noticale to the audience. However i do thinkthere could have been a costume change from the girl when she is being filmed in a different part of the location so she had 2 cosumes like the male, on teh other hand this could have een done so it looks like just one day instead of showing timepassing in thair music video.


I really like the way they have shown time passing quickly y speeding up teh footage of themwalking around through the arch ways and mving spaces on the sofa. I think its fits in with the music well when there is no singing and just generally looks good and effective to me the audience. Another effect, where there rewind the footage of them spray painting the wall, it creates more of a narrative to the story with what they write without having to have the narrative actualy being shown by the chracters acting it out.

Filming/ Shots

I think the music video does an excellent jo of showing off the location to the audience, by showing long shots and close ups of parts of the place with no people. Showing empty food wrappes, drink bottles, wheel of a bike, missing flooroards and bits of rubish really sets the scene and gives off ideas about the music video itself and the atmousphere they were trying to potray. Theres a take where boteh chracters sit in a archway individually one at a time, th girl sitting teh middle then the boy sitting more to the left. They fade one in as the other is fading out which i thinklooks rea;lly good asit suggests that there not there together yet there singing to each other.

Lip singing

It looked like they had learnt the song well as tehy seemed to know the words and it fitted well with the footage.

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