Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Final Poster advertisement

Our advertisement poster for our digi-pack  goes straight to the point with whats on our digi pack  which appeals to an audience. Knowing exactly what they will be getting for their money and in an easy and informative way. We have also included an oppinion a well know tv channel 'MTV' and also information for a facebook page where fans are ale to follow keke j and what she gets up into in the music world.

I chose a couple of different fonts that stood out and were different from the genreal ones like Arial and calibri. This was so it was unique from other posters and also attracts the audience and fits the style of our poster. I put them in different colors to make different sections to the advertisement so all the text is read.

First i made the photograph Black & white but then decided it was to predictable as our album cover image is lack & white. So i tinted the B&W to a more yellow color giving it more of a vintage edge to it.

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