Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Screen shots 'Destiny childs- girl music video'

This shot was chosen from the video as it gives the audience knowledge of the location for the video. we chose a cafe also for one of our narrative locations because this where we showed the feelings and emotions of keke j with her friends comforting her.

I took this snapshot from the video because its good close up of Beyonce singing with little spacearound her. This is similar to one of our shots as we used a similar shot but from the side on and had little space either side of the artist.

Even though its been edited i black and white i think it still looks similar and has the same effect on the video, it shows her facial expressions and a plain background.

Here you can see that they've shown the girl group hugging creating a theme of friendship and happiness.

In our music video we tried to show off the same atmosphere by having them all meeting up together for a drink and talking about the main girls crush.

We showed the girls individually saying hello but them becoming a group when they all sit down. We chose to shoot a medium long shot showing half their bodies so its not too far away and not visible in what was going on.

We chose these screen shots as we may use some of them for our commentary video to exaplain our answers. we chose takes from the cafe to show similar environment in our music video and showing close ups of Beyonce's face. We chose these particular ones as they have similarities to some of our shots showing the importance of close ups in a video. We will use some of these snapshots from the video to put over our commentary so whilst one of us is talking the audience will have more of an idea of what they are explaining.

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