Monday, 12 December 2011


  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Our media product uses, develop and challenges forms and conventions of a real media product for a few reasons. Firtsly we have gained inspitation from other videos and artist on the market, we watched Destiny Childs music video for the song 'Girl.' After watching the video, it showed our group that we could do a similar narrative as it fits in with our genre of our chosen song 'Crush' by keke J, and also has the theme of love and lost in both the inspiration video and also our ideas for our music video. Our video contains a range of shots but focussing mainly on extreme and mid clos ups, a typical convention of a music video. Weused wuite alot of close ups to show off the artists strong emotion in the video fitting the facial expreesion with the lyrics of the song and advertising the artist themselves. Like most other videos, our product had a narrative showing the key points of the storyline and linking the lyrics of the song, to the imagery shown. The genre of our product is a female solo artist pitching her feelings or oppinions through her music. The pace of the footage and how it's been cut between the lyrics fits well with the video as it flows well with the speed of the music. For example our video uses slow cuts between each clip as our song is quite slow, however if it was a more upbeat song like rock the cuts be quick and snappy. Music videos similar to ours show close ups of the group/ Artist face throughout the video really connecting with the audience and showing them the style and what she wants the audience to be feeling. I also find that listening to songs puts you in moods depending on the genre.

2.   How effective is the combination of your main product & Ancillary texts?

From working on our music video and then starting our ancillary products, we had the same theme ideas throughtout.  For our Digi-pack front cover we used a close up of the artist showing her in a similar location to what she was in the video. We edited the photograph in Black & White the same as our studio footage. Using different fonts than the genreal ones, showing a more creative side to the production and an eye catching cover standing out to the target audience. I think our Magazine advertisement shows clearly to the reader whats included in the digi-pack package. It shows a way to find out more and to followe keke j online. I think the advertisement potrays the artist as being quite fun because of the brighter colours used on the poster and also showing her songs may be about love because of the lips image and her facial expression. I think all three of the products work well together as a promotion package because of their similarities and appeal to our audience. Our target audience of young female teenagers may like it because it's simple and the genre of love and boys. It would most likely appeal to them because when girls become teenagers they have alot more emotions and can relate to keke J and her song lyrics.

3.  What have you learnt from the audience feedback?

Overall i beleive our group has learnt quite alot from other people's feedback. When recieveing feedback we got both good and bad points. Most people thought that our performance, lip sync, shots and affects were really good. However some people thought that we could have included more locations, a wider range of close ups from different angles and that the narrative was unclear. When looking back at our rough cut we felt our main aim was to focus on adding alot my angles of shots between both performance an dthe narrative. we chose a song that was over four minutes long and when showinf our rought cut we had edited it up to one minute and people thought it wasnt going anywhere. So in order to stop this from happening in our final music video, we decided to cut it down to just over three minutes so people didnt get bored or confused about our narrative and also being able to introduce it alot quicker. When showing out final music video we found that the positives overtook the negatives. Many were the same as before and they liked the fact that we changed some parts to black & white and shortedned the fotage so it didn't drag. We found that the majority of people were pleased with what we had chnaged. However some poeple still thought there could have been more locations, but as a group we dedcided not too as we felt we had enough.our teacher also said that we just have involved a narrative of a guy however when watching the final product he thought that we made the decission not to also.

3.  How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and     evaluation stages?

The blogger, photoshop and final cut were all important in helping us with our media products all in different ways. Having the blooger was great as we were able to write a plan for each lesson and writing aims along the way, also being able to show ourselves and others what our ideas and plan are for our music video. Photoshop was a help when we wanted to do editing, however we decided to use something different called Gimp to edit our products as we found it easier to use and more easy to work with. Having the advantage of being able to use HD video cameras, we were able to do clear shots without picelated footage. We also used a school SLR digital camera for our photoshoots for our ancillary products as we believe we were able to get a clearer and more professional look to the photograph.

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